Good Things Come to those Who…Aww Heck!


In my last post I said I would hopefully have some news to report on the interviews I had. Well as you can see by the title and quote, I am waiting. I figured I would take this opportunity to talk about what things you can do while waiting for a decision is being made about your future and all you can do is sit back and be patient.

So I have done my part, I answered all the questions, filled out all the paperwork now the rest is on them. Now the waiting game begins and being on hold is not fun but the things I do while I wait are important. I have 2 clients that still need me ready, present and able to complete my job without any issues. Luckily I am busy enough to go on and live life until an answer is reached and I am contacted either way. But you my reader my now be as busy as I am so here are a few suggestions on what you can do:

  1. Continue to place bids and look for other jobs – I make sure that when I am searching for jobs I always have at least 10 bids in my queue. I go through all my bids daily, and the ones that have closed and others have been chosen for, I file them (there is a file feature in most freelance sites) This is also the time you want to cruise around the site you use (if you use one) and see all the features it has to offer, take the tests they have and do what you can to make your rank higher or profile more complete.
  2. Work on current projects – whether they are current jobs that you have open, or if you are like me and have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. There’s always something to do to manage the social media you have.
  3. Complete tasks you have waiting in the home – this is a really good thing, I have managed my schedule so I can clean and do the laundry in between my tasks, etc. The best thing for any freelancer that happens to be a stay at home mom is to have a schedule as mentioned before in my post on organization and scheduling. Mopping a kitchen floor really makes time fly by.  🙂
  4. Spending time with your children/family – This is an all time important way to pass time and have fun while doing so. Baking, preparing meals, playing board games, reading and just hanging out and spending time with your kids is a valuable way to pass time. this is the time I try to find interesting things for the kids to do on days they cannot go outside. Here are crafts you can complete with your kids using recyclable items. Of course for you home school Moms this is the time for you to look at your curriculum and work with the kids, I will be using some of this time during the school year for homework.  They know that you are still there for them, and isn’t this why most of us freelancers (who are stay at home moms/dads) have decided to freelance in the first place?
  5. Hobbies/Me time– Like I said before in my last post “Life Should have been My Business! you must have balance. With all the work that you do there has to be relaxation as well. My guilty pleasures are reading and playing game apps on my phone (yes, I admit it I am addicted to Words with Friends, and most of all Running with Friends). I find time everyday to do both! You have to in order to stay sane. Yes, it’s fun spending time with your family, and fulfilling knowing you are supporting them and taking care of them properly but there has to be time for you and what is better than doing some of the things you like to do while you wait? Whether it be taking a bubble bath, getting a manicure or pedicure, hanging out with your friends, watching a sports event (freelancing and staying home with the kids is not just for the ladies there are some awesome househusbands as well), or just taking a nap you have to make the time for you!

There are many other things you can do, I just wanted to list the few that I do while waiting, I am sure you can come up with a longer list.

Hopefully I will hear something before my next post if not I will think of something else to talk about, there are a million and one ideas running through my brain.

I have some new friends on my Facebook Page that I will be linking up with, and hopefully getting a chance to share with you some of their awesome ideas and tips they have as well.

I really hope you liked today’s post, if so please share it and follow me. You can also take a look at my Facebook Page and join that as well.

Hope you stay tuned!

About Palmer Fancy-Freelance

My name is Amanda (Mandy), recently I have become unemployed and after lots of thought and encouragement from a dear friend I decided to start freelancing business as an Administrative Professional. This blog will document my endeavors to launch a successful freelance business. Why freelance you ask? I have many reasons why I want to freelance and the most important is so I can stay at home and raise my children. In the past year of being unemployed I have found that going to work everyday and being in a management position for a company took me away from what is important, my children and husband. Unfortunately I need two incomes to support my household and freelancing seems like the answer to my prayers. Why blog about it? well I am hoping that I can help others that are wanting to do the same. Maybe someone reading my blog will learn from my mistakes (I know there will be many) and from my triumphs. I am also hoping maybe other freelancers will read as well and help me along the way.
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