Trying to get on my own feet…but I need a pedicure first.


So things are going well with getting my business up and running. I have work and things are starting to look up after a very long downhill slope. The darling hubby and I are excited with how I am progressing.

I did hear back from one of the two interviews with happy news so now I have 3 clients and I am waiting to hear from the possible fourth. If I get that one last client I will be right where I want to be at this point in the game. I will have enough work to do and bringing in money to help sustain the household.

To get back on my own two feet I have to take the proper steps to prepare and assure I am prepared for the journey ahead. To do this we have to think we will be on our feet for a while, and most people who stand a lot have tired feet so you need a pedicure.

When you get a pedicure it’s a luxurious process. First your feet are soaked in a warm bath mixed with wonderful smelling soaps or salts. Then you use a brush or pumice stone to remove the old skin cells, then massage with oil or lotion and of course the last step is putting a pretty polish on your nails.

Well it’s the same concept when getting ready for a new business, frame of mind or attitude. You have to clean your mind from the old thoughts and concepts when you were an “employee” for a company. Now that you are your own boss and are calling the shots on what job you take or work you do you have to make sure you brush off the cobwebs from your brain and give it a good massage to get it going. Finally you have to put a pretty polish so you have a good outlook.

Now I do not mean for you to really massage your brain or to polish your brain that would be just silly.

But you do have to get out of the old “corporate frame of mind”, the amazing thing is now you are your own boss. You call the shots and make the decisions good or bad. You need to brainstorm and make a business plan, and decide upon a bunch of different avenues your business can take. finally you have to find ways to market your business and show others so they want to hire you.

I can honestly say that I have dusted out all the old cobwebs and thoughts of my “corporate” frame of mind and the concept of being my own boss has taken an exciting turn for me. I made a plan and have followed it and it actually has been working for me, I am proving that I am a professional and I know my business. Yes I have made my business pretty and have shown it off so people can see (one way is this blog)

Yesterday I was spending time with my kids and it hit me and the thought finally sunk in. I am actually succeeding in something I want to do. I am making my dream of staying home with my children happen. That moment was extraordinary, I was sitting with my baby and I was looking at her and I just turned to her and said “Mommy finally did it, I can stay home with you now” of course she laughed at me and I was elated and giddy. That moment of happiness is something I never felt working for a company.

Yesterday was also the day that my darling husband and I talked about what direction my business was taking and he admitted he was pleasantly surprised because he did not think it would take off as quickly as it has. I am very blessed because I have progressed so much so fast, and believe me it was needed.

If I get more good news tomorrow I will have achieved the first part of my plan…to have four stable jobs in place. The I can work on the second part of my plan which is get my schedule situated before the kids start school. I know it is going to take a good month to get everything set up where I work all the jobs I have with a good schedule and great time management skills so none of the jobs get intermingled. The only way I can do that is to jump in and get everything in order.

Once everything is in order and I am making money on a consistent basis I can see what my finances are like and if I can fit in small little jobs for extra money so we can build up our savings again. The feeling of financial freedom because of my hard work and ideas is wonderful. Lately I have been going to bed tired and it feels good because it tired from having work to do. I can be the Mom and I want and make money. I can have it all!

I want anyone who doesn’t think they can do it to look at me, I thought the same thing and I am getting what I want. I tell you if I can do it you can too! All it takes is work, perseverance and a positive attitude.

I hope I inspired you to get on out there and try because you will be surprised in what you can do.

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Next time I will be posting about my experiences and how my schedule is going.

Please stay tuned!

About Palmer Fancy-Freelance

My name is Amanda (Mandy), recently I have become unemployed and after lots of thought and encouragement from a dear friend I decided to start freelancing business as an Administrative Professional. This blog will document my endeavors to launch a successful freelance business. Why freelance you ask? I have many reasons why I want to freelance and the most important is so I can stay at home and raise my children. In the past year of being unemployed I have found that going to work everyday and being in a management position for a company took me away from what is important, my children and husband. Unfortunately I need two incomes to support my household and freelancing seems like the answer to my prayers. Why blog about it? well I am hoping that I can help others that are wanting to do the same. Maybe someone reading my blog will learn from my mistakes (I know there will be many) and from my triumphs. I am also hoping maybe other freelancers will read as well and help me along the way.
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