I’m a little teapot…blowing off steam (chock full of pictures)


I completed a good amount of work this past week and for a reward I blew off steam with my family

Funny Faces!

Funny Faces!

Yes I know not a flattering picture of me, but I have to blow off steam somehow and it is the best with my oldest daughter! The funny part is we did not plan out the face we were going to make I just said make a funny face and took the picture and lo and behold we made the same face. That is genetics I tell you!

I actually spent time with the family and worked it was a perfect balance for me.

Saturday I spent the morning working and then we packed up in the afternoon and we took the girls swimming with their cousin.

Came back home and darling husband cooked dinner while I worked more, we ate and the headed back out to our local Drive In Theater to catch a family double feature.

Dirve In

Which by the way is trying to win a digital projector. Please take the time and vote for them http://projectdrivein.com/vote_20 just click the link to preserve a great piece of Americana. Oh and just so you know this is a family run and operated business and they do not overcharge you like a normal boring movie theater does.

Anyhow we saw Planes and Smurfs 2 and had loads of fun.

Sunday morning the kids slept in, I worked and hubby relaxed while we waited for everyone to wake up. We planned our day and once the children got up we headed out. Had lunch and ran a few errands and then we went to our state park and went swimming. But this time Daddy and I had a trick up our sleeves…


Baby and I went swimming (please ignore old-looking Mommy and focus on cute baby) while Daddy and the girls went canoeing.

Of course we had a tragedy happen when canoeing. My middle daughter brought her beloved mermaid Barbie with her (the bottom fin comes off) and while boating the tail fin came off and sank down, down, down so we had a sad daughter.

Kaleigh sad

She was so sad she did not want to turn around for her picture (which is unlike my children).

girls swimming

Swimming outside of the canoe.

We had a nice family dinner Sunday evening and when everyone went to bed I went to work, while darling husband played video games. It was nice.

This morning darling husband decided he was going to take the older girls to the store to get my oldest daughter’s glasses fixed (had a bouncy house incident at the drive in).

This next part makes me a pride filled Mom. My oldest felt bad for my middle child and decided to loot her piggy bank and replace the mermaid. So while they were out the darling husband let the girls do this.

On happy middle child

One happy middle child

I love when my children take care of each other like this. It makes my heart swell with love and pride, I must have done something right!

This morning I had to take pictures of myself for one of my jobs so I decided I would share, after that picture of me swimming I have to redeem myself.

Just Me!

Just Me!

I know not movie star quality but not bad in my old age either. It has taken me almost 37 years to be comfortable and happy in this face. Every line and wrinkle I have earned there is a memory attached to. I will never alter my face with surgery, this is the face God gave me for a reason and I am blessed and proud to have it!

We made this weekend extra special for the kids because they go back to school and Friday darling husband goes back to work.

So the next post will most likely be covering back to school prep and getting back into the swing of single parenting at night when husband is at work.

I hope you enjoyed my silly post, and will stay tuned for the next post.

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