I’m a prepper…he’s a prepper…she’s a prepper…we’re all preppers…would you like to be a prepper too?


Just for those who have never seen the commercial I thought I would share. Now that you know I am a child of the 70’s we rapidly move on…

And  no not like those crazy people who hoard all kinds of supplies because the end is coming. I mean I prepare for what is to come in the week!

School starts Monday so I decided I was going to prepare my house for the impending craziness! I am taking some time away from weekend work projects (just a few hours) and making sure the house is cleaned the way I like it (not the way the kids have been cleaning it) So far the Living Room, Den and part of the Kitchen is done. Tomorrow will be the Dining Room and downstairs bathroom.

Once this is done my weekly cleaning will be a snap. My schedule will be:

6:00am – wake kids

7:15 bring kids to school

7:30 walk a mile or two

8:00 breakfast for baby and I

8:30 clean house

9:00 put baby down for nap and work

11:00 feed baby and continue to work

12:00 lunch and a little bit of play time

12:30 work more

1:30 leave for car line

2:00 get girls and come home (put baby down for nap if she didn’t sleep in the car line)

3:00 home work while I work

3:30 prep dinner and continue helping with homework

5:30 bath for kids

6:00-7:15 free play with baby

7:30 bedtime for baby

8:00 bedtime for middle child

9:00 bedtime for oldest child

9:00-11:00pm work

11:00 bed for Mommy

It’s best to make a schedule like this, that way you are more apt to follow it. If you don’t have something in place it’s more likely you won’t stick to what needs to be done the day will slip away, and before you know it you will be sitting in the bed thinking “what happened to the day?” Scheduling also helps you maximize your freelance time and aids with spending quality time with the children, so you can have the best of both worlds.

This is the time of year to get really good slow cooker recipes going. I will start doing this when fall hits. I make soups, stews, sauces and one pot meals in the slow cooker. I can get everything going in the morning and just let it cook all day so when it is dinner time I just put it on the table, which also gives me a lot of extra time.

The great thing is darling husband does not have to worry about much on his days off like he used to. He would actually use his two days off for doctors appointments, bill paying, and chores (laundry, cleaning etc.).

Now that I am home he can actually relax some on his days off. Just this evening he came down the stairs and saw the house, inquired about orientation happenings for the girls and the status of getting ready for Monday. Normally when I was working it would be the other way around, I thought about that today when we were catching up and I smiled and said “Isn’t this nice? You can actually ask me what is going on now and not have to worry about anything”.

Update on Orientation

Can we call it afternoon at the zoo? Don’t get me wrong I love the girls school but they can’t organize anything properly. I went to find out who their teachers were and was told they weren’t enrolled in school. What? Okay this was impossible because my oldest has been in this school since 1st grade and she is going into 4th grade this year and my middle child has been there since Kindergarten and is going into the 2nd grade this year. After getting nervous and then finding out all was okay we set out to meet teachers.

Ms. F – she is a 2nd grade teacher and stands about 5’2″ tall. Let me just say do not underestimate this lady she is a fiery lady tat is organized and super structured. Just what the doctor ordered for my little bit rebellious 7-year-old.

Mr. J – is a very nice refined gentleman who seemed happy that my oldest daughter is into science and loves to find out how things work (really this is my oldest, she loves to watch History Channel, Animal Planet and anything that is educational).

It seems like the school has once again matched my children up with the proper teachers (this is why I over look the organizational issues).

Freelance Corner

I must say I am pleased with my success! I have 7 clients and counting. The good part of this is a few of the clients only need a few hours a week so I can concentrate on my clients that hired me first and who need more attention.

I am a creature of loyalty and I will remain loyal to those who gave me my first shot and had faith that I would be successful.

So I am moving right along actually moving quicker then I thought I would but that is fine with me.

Due to all these changes darling husband and I decided that the taxes this year would be far above our heads so we met with an accountant who will be taking care of this for us. She answered a lot of questions and guided us in the right direction. There are things that I am going to start doing to help with the business.

I think that is it for now.

I hope you enjoyed all my goings on for the week.

Please stayed tuned for my next post which I am sure will detail the first day of school, my new back to school menu and getting fit on time schedule.

About Palmer Fancy-Freelance

My name is Amanda (Mandy), recently I have become unemployed and after lots of thought and encouragement from a dear friend I decided to start freelancing business as an Administrative Professional. This blog will document my endeavors to launch a successful freelance business. Why freelance you ask? I have many reasons why I want to freelance and the most important is so I can stay at home and raise my children. In the past year of being unemployed I have found that going to work everyday and being in a management position for a company took me away from what is important, my children and husband. Unfortunately I need two incomes to support my household and freelancing seems like the answer to my prayers. Why blog about it? well I am hoping that I can help others that are wanting to do the same. Maybe someone reading my blog will learn from my mistakes (I know there will be many) and from my triumphs. I am also hoping maybe other freelancers will read as well and help me along the way.
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