Working to the sound of toddler music!


Nothing is better than working and looking down to see my newest love playing on the floor happily!

Sure, there are days that I can’t concentrate or get anything done. That is just part of the territory, then there are the days I get loads of work (home and office) completed. Those are the days I feel like my purpose is clearly defined.

If you think about it though, when you work for a company the same things happen at the office. Days where you seem like you are spinning your wheels and not going anywhere, and days where you are a superstar and everything on your to do list is done!

I am just lucky that the days I spin my wheels are days I have created wonderful memories with my family!

The best part is I can be there for all the milestones, cute faces, and toddler songs. Believe me working from home does have unsavory moments. I have moments filled with tantrums, typing while holding a ornery child and stopping in the middle of great thoughts to run after a mobile toddler.

Now I am sure the question you’re asking is: How do you meet project deadlines for your clients?

Easy! Since I work from home my schedule is very loose. I am able to work early in the morning when my youngest wakes up and is eating breakfast, when she goes down for her morning nap, in the afternoon when the kids are home to entertain her, and at night after she goes to bed. I am able to spend time with my newest love during the day and even with my older loves at night.

The best part for me is my darling husband has a strange schedule (he works 12 hour shifts 7p-7a) and now that I work from home we can actually use his schedule to our advantage. On the weekends he has off we normally go on outings and have family time, but on the days he has off during the week we coordinate the schedule so I can concentrate on work.

I have never been happier, I am a lucky woman to have the best of both worlds. This means I have more time for moments like this:

2013-10-03 18.25.04

I took this picture sitting at my desk. My kids love sharing a space with me because they can play and still have their Mom, and I can work and still be with my kids!

I remember when I decided trying to work from home and I set up my office. My oldest daughter (pictured above with the toy in her mouth) was excited and helped me set everything up.

My nephew and I moved the desk I use from one of the upstairs bedrooms to the playroom downstairs (this was scary because the desk is heavy and I was afraid for my nephew). But he is a strong 18-year-old man and we got the job done with a lot of laughter and terror!

Everyone was excited for this new venture and wanted good things to happen for me, and I am lucky because things happened for me quickly.

I want to believe that it was all the prayers people were saying for me and the good energy that was sent my way. I am truly a blessed person because of the love and support my friends and family have shown me.

I want to end this post with these words: When something bad happens in your life don’t let it beat you, take the opportunity to refocus on what is important and pray for guidance and you will be set on the right path. Have faith in what you do even if you think it’s a long shot, you were put on that path for a reason so…follow it with a faithful heart and see where you will go!


I love this quote and I believe in it whole heartedly.

If you believe you will succeed, then you will succeed 98 and 3/4% guaranteed!  So just believe in yourself, work for it, have faith and the rest should fall into place.

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About Palmer Fancy-Freelance

My name is Amanda (Mandy), recently I have become unemployed and after lots of thought and encouragement from a dear friend I decided to start freelancing business as an Administrative Professional. This blog will document my endeavors to launch a successful freelance business. Why freelance you ask? I have many reasons why I want to freelance and the most important is so I can stay at home and raise my children. In the past year of being unemployed I have found that going to work everyday and being in a management position for a company took me away from what is important, my children and husband. Unfortunately I need two incomes to support my household and freelancing seems like the answer to my prayers. Why blog about it? well I am hoping that I can help others that are wanting to do the same. Maybe someone reading my blog will learn from my mistakes (I know there will be many) and from my triumphs. I am also hoping maybe other freelancers will read as well and help me along the way.
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