Family Outing…My Niece Turned 1 So We Saw Her and Had Fun!

2013-10-19 17.42.57

There is the birthday girl herself…Isn’t she beautiful? Mommy is holding her and Daddy is in the blue shirt.

This weekend was so much fun! My Niece hit the big 1 this weekend so we decided we would travel to see her and spend time together as a family celebrating. This weekend started on Friday. The girls went to school and I started cleaning, packing, wrapping presents. My darling husband came home from work at 7:30am and headed to bed to catch some sleep until 11:30am when we had to pick up our rental vehicle. The day was a blur. We got everything together somehow and picked the girls up from school with every intention of getting straight on the road. We had a 2 hour drive ahead of us and wanted to get to our destination at a decent time so we could hook up with my sister-in-law, niece, and niece’s godmother so we could have dinner together.

Unfortunately 45 minutes into our car ride my beautiful little baby decides she has had enough and wants out of her car seat. Well you know that wasn’t happening so she retaliated with a crying and screaming meltdown.

2013-10-18 16.24.10

My darling baby in the “eye” of the meltdown storm.

Nana and I did everything we could to keep the darling baby happy but she just wanted out. Darling Husband announced that if we are going on any other vacation or outing in the near future we will be boarding a plane if it is longer than 2 hours…well until the baby understands about traveling.

We arrived at our destination, checked-in, unpacked and looked around our room. The girls were so excited they told the husband and I “This is the best vacation ever!” I am so glad my girls get excited over a small 3 day vacation. We ate dinner late and by the time we got back to the hotel room we were all tired, well except the darling baby. Even though this child only took one 2 hour nap (in the morning mind you) she was not going to sleep. I don’t blame her because she is used to sleeping in her own room in a crib and while we were away she slept in a pack-n-play. After rocking and singing to her she finally fell asleep and we all settled down.

Two hours later darling husband and I were awakened to the baby crying, the husband was so nice and took care of the baby and let me sleep. We got up at 7:30, when the baby woke up and headed down to breakfast and then to Zoo!

2013-10-19 10.52.12


The Giraffes were my favorite! The husband and girls actually fed them which was fun to watch. There was a lot of walking which I did not mind at all and there was so much to see, actually we didn’t see it all.

Palmer Girl Trees

“I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.”

I love the smile on the baby’s face, it is genuine! This picture was a must because my middle daughter absolutely loves the Wizard of Oz and while we were in this part of the Zoo she danced down the “Yellow Brick Road” and giggled at the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet sticking out from Dorothy’s house!

Who are these people?

Who are these people?

Part of our family went on a 4D ride. My Mom, the baby, my niece and I all stayed behind because the little ones were too young and my Mom and I both get motion sickness. The darling husband (pictured in the blue shirt) is thin enough where you can actually see his ribs, right now he is on diet hiatus for 2 weeks because he reached his first major goal and he wants to do a little splurging to celebrate but will get back on the wagon after my birthday.

After the Zoo we headed back to our hotel to rest up and then go to dinner for my niece’s birthday party. The husband took the older girls to the pool while my nephew, the baby and I stayed in the room and relaxed.

Everyone then dressed up nice and went to dinner! The party was fantastic we all ate and had great conversation and just enjoyed each other’s company.

The next morning we met for breakfast said our goodbyes and headed home. Luckily the darling baby fell asleep during the drive so she didn’t cry as much.

I was happy to get on the scale when I got home to find that I lost some weight. I was thrilled, I actually chose the meals I was eating off the “lighter side” portion of the menu in each restaurant we went to but was able to have dessert in both instances. I did not feel cheated in any way and it was a good motivator for me.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on our little vacation.

Please stay tuned for my next post in two days time which I will be addressing a few different topics…loyalty in business, how to eat properly without feeling cheated, and snacks to help you feel full.

Hope to see you then!



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One Response to Family Outing…My Niece Turned 1 So We Saw Her and Had Fun!

  1. Zan Turner says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I totally understand about kids in car seats for long drives…oh the non stop screaming!

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