My Last Weekend In Connecticut, Plus My week Wrapped Up!

2013-11-29 14.03.30

This was taken at the park down the street from my friend’s house. The baby has enjoyed playing in the chilly autumn wind. It’s nice to see her playing outside with little rosy apple cheeks. As the title of my post says this is in fact my last weekend in Connecticut. I fly back home on Thursday, it will be a bittersweet day for us. I wish I could stay here with my friend to help her through this next year of adjustment. Going through old memories, making the house hers and just to be the moral support she needs in this really tough time.  But I know it is time for me to head back home to my husband, other children and family who have missed me the past few weeks. I will be sad when I go because even though this is not my home any longer I still have some really strong ties to the land, people and traditions that make up who I am  and who I will always be inside. I am not going to lie and tell you that when I get off the plane on Thursday and see my smiling husband’s face that I will not be happy to be home because I will. I will hug my husband and head out to pick up our other daughters from school and have a long overdue family meal at our dining room table once again. I will also be looking forward to getting back on track with my work schedule and kicking my work up a notch. Until then my friend and I are going to work on the days we have left and enjoy our time together. I must admit I have been adventurous while I have been here and tried many things I would never picture myself eating and actually liking.

  1. Brussels Sprouts
  2. Asparagus
  3. Kale
  4. Tongue (which I like well enough but have to work on not thinking about it being tongue).

    The only food that can taste you back!

    The only food that can taste you back!

  5. Spaghetti Squash

I  have found that roasting vegetables works best for me because it brings out the sweetness of the vegetable. So I am going to be buying more fresh veggies and roasting them when I get home. I am also going home with live yogurt grains and will be trying my hand at making fresh yogurt. I already have water kefir grains at home and I will be working on those as well. And homemade bread will be coming back to the house too. I haven’t gotten on a scale since I left home, but I am pretty sure I have lost some weight. I am going to go home and start fresh and not work on loosing weight but work on eating better. No crazy walking regimen I can never keep up with, just getting out and about when I can. I have continued my reading on Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon and I agree with a lot of what Linda has to say and then of course there are some things not so much. Of course that falls into everyone has their own opinion. I do have to say most of what she conveys is very common sense but to actually have someone write it and you read it gives you that AHA moment. One thing I have taken away from my reading (so far) is I am not going to diet anymore! From the on and off diet rollercoaster I have messed up my body and I am just going to do the following things:

  1. Eat slower – I am actually going to take my time and eat my meals enjoying every bite.
  2. Choose better foods –  I will choose better foods that will sustain me longer, rather than just grabbing at what looks good (which usually is not all that great for your body).

I think with those two things alone I will be doing 100% better than before I started to read the book. Of course when I finish the book completely I will weigh in on the entire book. Thanksgiving was amazing! I actually didn’t have to cook anything this year so I took my time in the morning and lounged around in my pajamas. We headed out and visited some of my friend’s family, it was nice seeing how other families interact on a holiday and they made me feel very welcome. Later in the afternoon we went to a friend’s house for dinner and were able to talk about my friend’s Mom and how she impacted all of us and what we were thankful for. It was great conversation, much laughter, some tears and a wonderful evening filled with new traditions and friends. My husband took care of Thanksgiving dinner at the house and I have heard and seen he did a beautiful job. One of the things that made my holiday was as I was sitting down to dinner with new friends my husband sent me pictures of my family sitting down to dinner, it was like we were all together celebrating the day, I held back the tears.

Below are the pictures my husband shared with me, for a first time Thanksgiving I think he did well. The turkey looks great (and he doesn’t even eat turkey).

2013-12-01 16.52.06 2013-12-01 16.52.15 2013-12-01 16.52.33 2013-12-01 16.52.52

We had dessert visited and went home to put a very tired little girl to bed.

Black Friday we boycotted shopping and spent the morning lounging around the house, eating breakfast, and watching television at our leisure. Then we went out to dinner, a nice Mexican Restaurant called Ixtapa and indulged in good food and great drinks, I actually had fried ice cream for the first time and it was delicious!

El Presidente Margartias Ole!

El Presidente Margaritas Ole!

I was able to do enough work on Wednesday to take the day off on Thursday but I was back to work on Friday. The best part of being a freelance VA is you work at your own time in your own place, so work was not a big deal for me. I could get things down while sitting on the couch watching movies with my bestie. I have watched so many great movies in the last few weeks (and some shows too).

So I hope you enjoyed my post  this week. I will be home on Thursday and after getting situated and re-acquainted with my family I will be back to posting every other day. I am sure my next post will be mentioning my last few days in Connecticut, the flight home, new things I am working on and being home.

I thank you for understanding my absenteeism and look forward to picking the pace back up soon.

Stay tuned!




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  1. Aunt Cindy says:

    Enjoyed reading your about your time in CT and your Thanksgiving away from home.

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