Wrapping Up 2014


I know it has been awhile since my last post, this month has flown by so quickly. I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday (no matter what you celebrated)!

I thought I would make my last post of the be a wrap up of everything that has happened.

There has been some triumphs, happy  and sad times as well. I am thankful for the opportunities that this year has provided for me and I hope that this upcoming year will be just as fruitful.

I am planning to continue with my blogging and I hope it develops into one that I am proud of, and will give you my readers entertainment, information and a few ideas and tips.

Before moving forward into the next year I do want to share a few holiday pictures since  I didn’t get a chance to post them earlier.

2013-12-14 11.42.242013-12-23 15.29.142013-12-15 17.02.472013-12-25 07.16.482013-12-25 07.40.04

Those are just the highlights.

I am posting this one picture because I want you to give me a good caption for the picture. My nephew was showing us how he feels about family moments:

2013-12-13 18.03.21

I say the caption is “Am I really related to these people?” What do you think?

Since tonight is New Years Eve I am going to share one of the recipes I used tonight.

Vegetable Stuffed Mushrooms

2 green peppers

2 carrots

1/4 large onion

2 cloves of garlic

4 table spoons of butter

1 sleeve of buttery club crackers

1/2 cup of Italian seasoned bread crumbs

2 quarts whole mushrooms (about 45-50 mushrooms)

Grate green peppers, carrots, and onion, in bowl. Mince garlic, add seasoned bread crumbs and butter. Crush buttery club crackers and add to mixture. Clean the mushrooms and remove stems, chop stems finely and add to vegetable, crumb mixture. Stuff mushroom caps with mixture and cook in 350 degree oven for 30-40 minutes or until cooked thoroughly.

Well I hope you enjoyed this small post. Thank you all for supporting me through this year of blogging and I am sure the next year will bring more posts.






About Palmer Fancy-Freelance

My name is Amanda (Mandy), recently I have become unemployed and after lots of thought and encouragement from a dear friend I decided to start freelancing business as an Administrative Professional. This blog will document my endeavors to launch a successful freelance business. Why freelance you ask? I have many reasons why I want to freelance and the most important is so I can stay at home and raise my children. In the past year of being unemployed I have found that going to work everyday and being in a management position for a company took me away from what is important, my children and husband. Unfortunately I need two incomes to support my household and freelancing seems like the answer to my prayers. Why blog about it? well I am hoping that I can help others that are wanting to do the same. Maybe someone reading my blog will learn from my mistakes (I know there will be many) and from my triumphs. I am also hoping maybe other freelancers will read as well and help me along the way.
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2 Responses to Wrapping Up 2014

  1. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a great December and those veggie stuffed mushrooms sound delicious. Yum!

  2. That pie looks really really pretty with all those hearts. I’ve never seen that before! One day, some day, I will make my own crust 🙂 But not today, ha! Happy New Year!

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