Steady as She Goes Captain!


Sorry about that for all you non-trekkies! I had to do it, after I wrote the title of this post I started seeking out Captain Janeway!

Ok back on trek er…track!

No this post is not about Star Trek (Sorry Rodney, Ken, Richard and all my Trekkie friends).

This post is actually about what my course has been like since starting my business. I have been in business for 4 months now and I am almost at the income I was making before I was “let go” from as people would say “my real job”.

I have excelled farther than I thought I would have. I have clients whom I love working for and I have stable positions secured. I work the schedule I want and take care of the house, kids and other important aspects of my life at my terms. I do not sacrifice the good of my children for my job!

My resume and portfolio has expanded exponentially. I have learned about software I didn’t even know existed. I get to challenge myself everyday with something new and I am proud to say that everything I have tried I have succeeded in doing.

In just months I went from a person who was shaky about starting this venture to a confident woman who is comfortable in who she is and knows she can do anything she puts her mind to! This is the woman I want my daughters to see and want to be.

How did I do it you ask? The easiest answer is a lot of work. Every job I have been awarded I have worked really hard assuring my client is happy with the work they are getting. I ask them to give me a good rating when I have completed the job I was hired to do. I stay in contact with my clients and make sure I am on top of every project that is given to me. I sacrifice 90% of my down time to do my job.

I still spend quality time with my children making sure they are getting the attention they need. I just spend less time (me time) doing the things I want to do. This is one of the things I knew I was going to have to do to become a success and to me it is worth every moment I have put in.

I am not stressed any longer, I take time off the time I need to do things that are important to my family. My house is the cleanest it has ever been and my darling husband does not feel burnt out because he is doing errands on his days off (he actually does the things he enjoys now).

I am also happy to report that my middle daughter (who had anger issues and still does) is doing better, everyday I see her grow. I really think being home has aided her in this process. When I watch her I see there is growth that still needs to occur but I am not as worried for her future as I was.

I know I am painting a beautiful picture, believe me we still have our normal family issues. Arguments happen, things are misplaced and personalities clash but it is nothing like it used to be when I was unavailable and distant from my family.

Sometimes I think I am dreaming and I am going to wake up to the sound of the alarm clock and my old “real job” will be there haunting me. Yes my old job was as bad as I am describing I just didn’t know better.

I hope you found this post to be helpful. I just want to say to those Moms out there that are thinking of becoming freelance. Think hard, research, try working freelance on your downtime, and if you really are wanting to take the risks then go for it. The only reason why I jumped like I did was because I didn’t have a choice. I needed an income and NOW, I was unemployed and had nothing to lose. I was at the best place I could be for taking a chance. I want to tell you if you are employed then research as much as you can before making a quick decision. But for those who have nothing to lose, who are facing losing all you have because you need an income I say DO IT NOW! Work hard, put your all into it and swim as hard as you can to reach the surface.

I will be posting in two days time and by then I will be able to talk a little about the book I am currently reading. It is called Health In Every Size.

I hope you stay tuned!

If you have questions, comments or just want to say hi. Please fill out the form below.

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Birthday, Costumes and Pumpkins! A Quick Palmer Weekend!

2013-10-24 10.11.01

Daddy & baby before haircut!

I started this week upset about my birthday. Not because I was going to be another year older. No, not that at all I am still very young! I was upset because My husband had to work, the kids had a school function and my nephew had to stay late at school for JROTC functions. So my birthday would be non-existent! I was sad because my favorite people were busy and I would not be surrounded by the ones I love.

My darling husband saw that and wanted to cheer me up the best way he could so he decided all our festivities would be on Thursday instead of Friday which was my actual birthday! I was able to sleep in on Thursday, when I got up we (hubby, baby and I) got dressed and headed out and picked up my birthday cake. Then we came home and relaxed, baby went down for a nap and Hubby and I watched television and I worked some.

Dinner was grilled rib eye steaks, baked potatoes and broccoli (of course followed by cake). The best part for me was my nephew made sure he was home on time (actually skipped afterschool activities to come home and see me!) I was happy, the family was together for a meal at the table. We talked, laughed and it felt good. My Mom came over for cake and everyone sang the Happy Birthday Song, (it was off-key but nothing ever sounded so beautiful to me).

After dinner and cake hubby and I decided to go to the drive-in theater as a date. That was my present, alone time just the hubby and I out of the house. It started off so nice, talking and just being with each other. The movie started and we were getting interested in the plot when the projector started to freeze. The projector the theater has is a rental until the new one is installed, because of this the projector had to be outside to play the movie and because of the weather being cold moisture got into the machine and kept freezing the movie. We received a rain check and headed back home. We ended our night in the living room (him playing his video game and I was working).

My actual birthday was business as usual…at least at first. I woke the kids up, got them ready for school and sent them on their way. My Mom came over and we (Mom, the baby and I went out) had breakfast and then headed to take the baby for her first haircut.

Maddie 1st haircute 10-25-13

My 1st haircut!

The hairstylist was wonderful! The baby was bobbing and weaving and the stylist was moving with her cutting her and there and bing, bang, boom she was done and it looked so cute!

2013-10-25 16.19.55

right to left: Ballerina Batgirl, Baby Bumble Bee, and Cleopatra

We picked the girls up from school, got a quick bite to eat for dinner and prepared for the “Safe Trick-or-Treating” at the girl’s school. It was quicker than the prior years but I wasn’t complaining one bit. I loved that the school gave out toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss to the kids!

This afternoon we went to the pumpkin patch and picked out our pumpkins that will be carved (will be featured in up coming post next week).

Of course I had to take photos!

2013-10-26 13.37.57

What’s this Mom?

This is the baby’s second Halloween, of course last year she was only a month old. so pumpkins are a new discovery for her and I had to take pictures of her playing with them.

2013-10-26 13.58.38

I am cute!

See how cute the haircut turned out! No more sheep dog look for my baby.

I took pictures of her sisters as well.

2013-10-26 13.44.42

I love you pumpkin!

My middle daughter loving the pumpkins, this is one of my favorite pictures.

2013-10-26 13.58.00

Hurry up and take the picture already!

I feel my oldest daughter was merely humoring an embarrassing Mom! Does anyone see that look?

So there you have it, what we have been up to this weekend!

Next week I will discuss some of the new things I am up to in my work, I am still working on my health and nutrition post, and of course my Halloween post will be happening as well.

Please stay tuned!

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Family Outing…My Niece Turned 1 So We Saw Her and Had Fun!

2013-10-19 17.42.57

There is the birthday girl herself…Isn’t she beautiful? Mommy is holding her and Daddy is in the blue shirt.

This weekend was so much fun! My Niece hit the big 1 this weekend so we decided we would travel to see her and spend time together as a family celebrating. This weekend started on Friday. The girls went to school and I started cleaning, packing, wrapping presents. My darling husband came home from work at 7:30am and headed to bed to catch some sleep until 11:30am when we had to pick up our rental vehicle. The day was a blur. We got everything together somehow and picked the girls up from school with every intention of getting straight on the road. We had a 2 hour drive ahead of us and wanted to get to our destination at a decent time so we could hook up with my sister-in-law, niece, and niece’s godmother so we could have dinner together.

Unfortunately 45 minutes into our car ride my beautiful little baby decides she has had enough and wants out of her car seat. Well you know that wasn’t happening so she retaliated with a crying and screaming meltdown.

2013-10-18 16.24.10

My darling baby in the “eye” of the meltdown storm.

Nana and I did everything we could to keep the darling baby happy but she just wanted out. Darling Husband announced that if we are going on any other vacation or outing in the near future we will be boarding a plane if it is longer than 2 hours…well until the baby understands about traveling.

We arrived at our destination, checked-in, unpacked and looked around our room. The girls were so excited they told the husband and I “This is the best vacation ever!” I am so glad my girls get excited over a small 3 day vacation. We ate dinner late and by the time we got back to the hotel room we were all tired, well except the darling baby. Even though this child only took one 2 hour nap (in the morning mind you) she was not going to sleep. I don’t blame her because she is used to sleeping in her own room in a crib and while we were away she slept in a pack-n-play. After rocking and singing to her she finally fell asleep and we all settled down.

Two hours later darling husband and I were awakened to the baby crying, the husband was so nice and took care of the baby and let me sleep. We got up at 7:30, when the baby woke up and headed down to breakfast and then to Zoo!

2013-10-19 10.52.12


The Giraffes were my favorite! The husband and girls actually fed them which was fun to watch. There was a lot of walking which I did not mind at all and there was so much to see, actually we didn’t see it all.

Palmer Girl Trees

“I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.”

I love the smile on the baby’s face, it is genuine! This picture was a must because my middle daughter absolutely loves the Wizard of Oz and while we were in this part of the Zoo she danced down the “Yellow Brick Road” and giggled at the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet sticking out from Dorothy’s house!

Who are these people?

Who are these people?

Part of our family went on a 4D ride. My Mom, the baby, my niece and I all stayed behind because the little ones were too young and my Mom and I both get motion sickness. The darling husband (pictured in the blue shirt) is thin enough where you can actually see his ribs, right now he is on diet hiatus for 2 weeks because he reached his first major goal and he wants to do a little splurging to celebrate but will get back on the wagon after my birthday.

After the Zoo we headed back to our hotel to rest up and then go to dinner for my niece’s birthday party. The husband took the older girls to the pool while my nephew, the baby and I stayed in the room and relaxed.

Everyone then dressed up nice and went to dinner! The party was fantastic we all ate and had great conversation and just enjoyed each other’s company.

The next morning we met for breakfast said our goodbyes and headed home. Luckily the darling baby fell asleep during the drive so she didn’t cry as much.

I was happy to get on the scale when I got home to find that I lost some weight. I was thrilled, I actually chose the meals I was eating off the “lighter side” portion of the menu in each restaurant we went to but was able to have dessert in both instances. I did not feel cheated in any way and it was a good motivator for me.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on our little vacation.

Please stay tuned for my next post in two days time which I will be addressing a few different topics…loyalty in business, how to eat properly without feeling cheated, and snacks to help you feel full.

Hope to see you then!



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Weight…Now it’s Serious!


As you can see heavy women are beautiful and exotic too!

This post has been a long time coming for me. I want to address so many things on my mind.

1. Personal Perception of body – I don’t know if anyone has noticed that most of the pictures I post are not of me. Yes it is mostly because I take a lot of the family photos but I also do it on purpose. I hate the way I look on film. I don’t want my girls growing up this way. I want them to look in the mirror and see the beautiful girls that they are, every mother wants that for their daughter.

2. Public Perception of body – This is the way the public perceives heavy people. The other night I was watching one of my favorite shows with my daughter “Face Off” which is a competition for special effects artists. This show happened to be about the 7 deadly sins and of course there was gluttony. The artist that did gluttony made this costume:

Face Off - Season 5

To me gluttony is a wasteful action not a heavy person. I hate the images of sloppy fat people being depicted.

Of course my daughter looks at me while this costume is being made and asks for me to define gluttony so I pull up Wikipedia and read this to her – Gluttony, derived from the Latin gluttire meaning to gulp down or swallow, means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste.

My sweet daughter looks at me and says why is he making a heavy person then? Of course I have to think a moment but then I tell her that people think of a fat person when they hear the word gluttony, people think that heavy people are heavy because they eat too much. My daughter was appalled with this explanation and said “Mommy don’t they know some people are heavy because they are sick?”. This is when I go into Mom mode and tell her that people aren’t nice sometimes.

3. My Perception of my body – When I look in the mirror I don’t see the beautiful, exotic women in the first picture (at least not always). I definitely don’t see the costume in the second picture. I see a totally different picture, I am not always happy with the image staring back at me (but who is?) and there are things I want to change.

What brought this post on you ask? Well my husband has lost a lot of weight…I am talking over 130 pounds in less than 9 months. How you ask? With diet and exercise. He accomplished something I have been working on ALL MY LIFE in less than 9 months. No I am not mad at him (actually very proud of him) and no I am not jealous of him. I just want to know how it was so dang easy for him. Yes I know that a man’s metabolism is different from a woman’s and men get results faster.

But I am a bit deflated, I have been dealing with a weight issue (or so I thought) since I was a child. I was always teased, tortured and tormented in school. And as an adult it is responsible for some really stupid mistakes.

So now what? Well I am going to give the weight loss one more shot. I am going to eat properly and exercise (as much as I can), and I am going to read Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon. I am going to look at my health in a different perspective and learn about myself. Maybe this will get me on the right path. I don’t want to see making myself healthy as a punishment. I just need to find a happy medium so I can be successful. Just like my darling husband.

I wanted to show off my husband’s  success!

Family Tree Hunting 2012 - 1

This is a family picture with darling husband before he started his weight loss adventure!

and now…

2013-09-26 19.17.28

Even though you don’t see all of him you can tell he has lost a lot of weight. I am very proud of him!

I will definitely check in with other posts about the book, how I am doing, and how I am feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something from it.

As always I welcome comments, suggestions and even just a hello.


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Fall Family Fun!

2013-10-12 11.04.21

My older daughters and their cousin enjoying the Haystack Mountain


Saturday we decided to take the kids to Timberline Farms for the corn maze and other fall fun. So my post today is mostly pictures of the fun we had together. Unfortunately the darling hubby was unable to join us (this is his weekend to work) so it was Nana, my Aunt, our little cousin, the girls and I.

We decided we would get there when the festival started 10:00am to get a jump on the crowds. The weather was beautiful and it hadn’t warmed up yet so we were in luck. The kids were excited because my Aunt and our cousin live in south Florida and we only see them every 6 weeks or so.  The first thing we head towards is the corn maze! Unfortunately I was so busy pushing the stroller through the maze I didn’t have time for photos.

I did take a few outside of the maze though!

2013-10-12 10.39.12

My oldest with the scarecrow

After we left the maze the kids wanted to ride the “Monster Truck” I was nominated to go on that ride (thank you very much Nana and Auntie for that!). I should have known I was in trouble when we had to buckle seatbelts! Off we went doing donuts and all sort of nonsense truck maneuvers…I tell you my butt was airborne a few times through this ride. But the point was the kids loved it and had a blast so I would do it again.

2013-10-12 10.46.54

This truck was insane, it really was an old fire truck converted into a “truck”

2013-10-12 10.47.01

Yes thumbs up!

My oldest daughter has her thumb up because that was the signal the kids were to give the monster truck driver that they were ok and he could go faster.

We then found the pony rides!

2013-10-12 10.55.12

Looks like a professional rider!

2013-10-12 10.55.09

Getty Up!

If you ask me these are not ponies, they are very tall. I really think they are colts. It was funny trying to help my middle daughter climb into the saddle but once she got up there she was happy!

One of the final things we did was face painting. The artist was wonderful and the price couldn’t be better (well it could’ve been if it was free, but this was well worth the money)

2013-10-12 11.19.14

Fairy Glitter!

Yes that is a jewel on my daughter’s face. The face painting only took moments and the price was 4 dollars with a dollar off coupon.

2013-10-12 11.19.03

The Last Unicorn!

As you see my oldest picked a pretty pink unicorn with a heart jewel, so delicate!

2013-10-12 11.23.09

Yes Batman wears plaid shorts!

A very serious Batman! You know he means business.

Right before we left we went on the hay ride, this was a low-key ride and everyone enjoyed the scenery. We actually had the luxury of having the whole hay ride to ourselves which gave us the chance to talk to one of young men working the hay ride. As we were talking we found out our driver was only 13 years old (he looked so much older) his driving was excellent.

2013-10-12 11.28.18-1

My youngest and my Aunt on the hay ride.

It was really a beautiful day, I had a great time with wonderful people.

I hope you enjoyed my post, it was good to do something light after the last post.

Please follow me if you enjoyed what you have read, and please share with others.

If you would like to leave a comment I would love to hear from you. (Just fill out the form below).

Hope you stay tuned I will be posting about nutrition and the things I do to try to stay healthy on a tight budget.



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Working to the sound of toddler music!


Nothing is better than working and looking down to see my newest love playing on the floor happily!

Sure, there are days that I can’t concentrate or get anything done. That is just part of the territory, then there are the days I get loads of work (home and office) completed. Those are the days I feel like my purpose is clearly defined.

If you think about it though, when you work for a company the same things happen at the office. Days where you seem like you are spinning your wheels and not going anywhere, and days where you are a superstar and everything on your to do list is done!

I am just lucky that the days I spin my wheels are days I have created wonderful memories with my family!

The best part is I can be there for all the milestones, cute faces, and toddler songs. Believe me working from home does have unsavory moments. I have moments filled with tantrums, typing while holding a ornery child and stopping in the middle of great thoughts to run after a mobile toddler.

Now I am sure the question you’re asking is: How do you meet project deadlines for your clients?

Easy! Since I work from home my schedule is very loose. I am able to work early in the morning when my youngest wakes up and is eating breakfast, when she goes down for her morning nap, in the afternoon when the kids are home to entertain her, and at night after she goes to bed. I am able to spend time with my newest love during the day and even with my older loves at night.

The best part for me is my darling husband has a strange schedule (he works 12 hour shifts 7p-7a) and now that I work from home we can actually use his schedule to our advantage. On the weekends he has off we normally go on outings and have family time, but on the days he has off during the week we coordinate the schedule so I can concentrate on work.

I have never been happier, I am a lucky woman to have the best of both worlds. This means I have more time for moments like this:

2013-10-03 18.25.04

I took this picture sitting at my desk. My kids love sharing a space with me because they can play and still have their Mom, and I can work and still be with my kids!

I remember when I decided trying to work from home and I set up my office. My oldest daughter (pictured above with the toy in her mouth) was excited and helped me set everything up.

My nephew and I moved the desk I use from one of the upstairs bedrooms to the playroom downstairs (this was scary because the desk is heavy and I was afraid for my nephew). But he is a strong 18-year-old man and we got the job done with a lot of laughter and terror!

Everyone was excited for this new venture and wanted good things to happen for me, and I am lucky because things happened for me quickly.

I want to believe that it was all the prayers people were saying for me and the good energy that was sent my way. I am truly a blessed person because of the love and support my friends and family have shown me.

I want to end this post with these words: When something bad happens in your life don’t let it beat you, take the opportunity to refocus on what is important and pray for guidance and you will be set on the right path. Have faith in what you do even if you think it’s a long shot, you were put on that path for a reason so…follow it with a faithful heart and see where you will go!


I love this quote and I believe in it whole heartedly.

If you believe you will succeed, then you will succeed 98 and 3/4% guaranteed!  So just believe in yourself, work for it, have faith and the rest should fall into place.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did please follow my blog and share with others. I also have a page on Facebook you can follow as well.

Please fill out the comment form below, I’d like to hear from you my readers. Any questions, comments, topics you want me to cover for future posts etc.

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Applications Review


One of the great things about being a virtual assistant is getting the chance to use new software that helps with organization.

I decided to review the different software that I have had the good fortune to use in these past months.

Asana – a really cool app that allows a team to work together on projects. Asana is a central location that everyone in the team can comment, add links and work off a shared and individual task list. This will help keep your inbox clear, and no more searching your old emails for that one link you need. Everything is right where you need it to be.

Dropbox – a web-based file cabinet, that you can share with others. This is a good app as well, you can share a folder or a document it’s all up to you. Because this is a web-based filing cabinet that helps keep the memory on your computer clear.

Evernote – is an app that allows you to take notes and archive them, you are also able to share the notes with others. This app is great for those who writes blogs or articles and then will send them to an assistant to proofread, edit and post for you.

Google – there are so many tools that Google offers:

  1. Analytics – lets you track the traffic on your social media, measure your advertising return on investment, etc.
  2. Calendar – track your and others events and appointments.
  3. Docs – the ability to develop spreadsheets and templates.
  4. Drive – storage place for you to save documents you have developed or files you want to share with others.

I am just giving you a small sampling of what Google offers, you want to check out the rest.

Infusionsoft – Is software that helps with different aspects of  small business management. It offers: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) , organization, sales automation, and much more. Infusionsoft claims they are an all in one software for the small business owner, they come very close.

MailChimp – Email marketing and advertising software that allows you to send out mass mailing to clients and customers (comparable to AWeber).

Zoho  – a web-based office suite where you can develop spreadsheets, word processing, databases, customer relationship management (CRM) and more. It is user-friendly and helps you stay on top of leads, clients and projects.

Those are some of the apps that I have used in the last few months. I am working with other apps now but I will do another post with more information as I learn them.

I hope I helped you learn about some of the popular software that is used by many successful business leaders.

If you have any questions or if there is software that you want to know about please leave a comment in the form below.

Please stay tuned, I will be updating in two days time with another exciting subject.





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Learning About Me…


Home is really where my story begins, actually the concept of being home. But before we get into the details of learning about me, let’s talk about why you are learning about me.

I have a blogger friend Adelien who received a nomination for the Sunshine Award, and she has to nominate 11 other people. Luckily I was one of those other people.

So hold on to your hats because I have questions to answer and you get to learn more about who I am with these questions:

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. My favorite color is dark green
  2. I was born in New Haven, CT.
  3. My favorite season is fall (especially in New England)
  4. I disliked my husband when we first met
  5. My best friend and I have known each other for 21 years
  6. I read the Vampire Diaries as a teen before it was popular
  7. Chocolate is my friend and enemy (frenemy?)
  8. I cook a mean Italian Marinara sauce
  9. My hubby and I want to travel via motor home when we retire
  10. I have a deep love and admiration for Eddie Vedder
  11. I know how to drive a standard vehicle

11 Questions the nominees need to answer:

1. Give 3 reasons why you blog, please – I decided to blog when I started working from home. I thought that blogging about my experiences on becoming a work from home Mom would help others trying to do the same. I want people to see that if I can do it anyone can and not to give up on the things you want the most.

2. Do you have any schedule of blogging? Please share how it works – I do have a schedule which has become very loose in the last few weeks (I apologize for that and will get back on task). I normally try to blog every other day.

3. Have you been to Indonesia? Which part of Indonesia would you visit or have you visited? –  No I have never been to Indonesia, but I would love to travel and see many places.

4. Do you play musical instrument? What is it? (if you play) or What might you be interested to play? (if you don’t) – I use to play the violin (terribly) but I really would love to own and play piano.

5. If you have children, what is your favorite time to spend with them? If you don’t, what might be the favorite time to spend with children? – I do have children and I love family time (time where my hubby is home as well). We go different places, and do different things. I also love vacationing with my kids, this is the time we kick back and learn more about each other without school or work interfering.

6. What are your 2 favorite Fiction books? – Wow so many to list, my reading appetite is so diverse. I ready Young Adult, Cozy Mysteries (love Joanna Fluke), Romance, Paranormal Romance, etc. but I would have to say my all time favorite books are a series which I mentioned in “11 random facts about me” and that is The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith and I am sorry they are NOTHING like the silly television series.

7. What are your 2 favourite Non-fiction books? – Real Food by Nina Planck, and Life After Death by Damien Echols.

8. Whom do you think is the best blogger mentor for you and what is his or her website? – That is easy my mentor is my besite Soli and her website is I Believe In Butter

9. How do you usually spend your weekend? – depends on the weekend, my husband has every other weekend and that is the time I spend with him and the kids (we go out on adventures), and the alternate weekends I spend with the kids and clean house and bum around just relaxing.

10. Which part of your country do you like best and would like to promote? – That would be the state I was born in Connecticut, there is nothing like New England.

11. What is your favorite food you cook? – Wow, I am a foodaholic and I love to cook. It does not matter what it is just as long as people enjoy my cooking. I love the look on people’s faces when they enjoy every bite.

As I mentioned before home is where my story began…because home is where I wanted to be, with my kids and husband. I am grateful for the opportunities that were afforded to me so I can be home with them. I thank God every day for finding work to keep our home running smoothly and I am thankful. After much soul-searching I can easily say I am thankful that I was booted out of mainstream work so I could be forced to do something about my life and situation.

Now I have it all, I am a work from home Mom who can invest the time on what is important and that is my family.

I hope you learned a few things about me today, if there is anything else you would like to know please comment below and I will either blog about it or answer you privately.

Please stay tuned for my next for which will be in two days time. I think I will be covering new software that I have been learning about and how it can help you stay on task.


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Stress Relief Mommy Style!

stress laundry

All I have to say to the above picture is YESSS! I have days where I feel like that, everyone does…that’s what makes us human!

It is one way to feel stressed and fix it and another to let the feeling stay with you until BAM! you blow up!

Usually when you get to the point of blowing up its at someone/something that does not deserve the abuse. The best thing to do is find a way to relieve the stress before the “balloon pops”.

How do you do it? Well it’s not always easy, but it can be done.

I have found that laughter is my best medicine. No matter how mad, stressed, or depressed I get the way to snap me out of the funk is to make me laugh.

I wanted to add an example of stress relief and I thought the video below would help:

There are many other ways to relieve stress and I have listed a few for you:

  1. Meditation – Meditation brings short-term stress relief as well as lasting stress management benefits.  If you need help with learning this technique there are many CDs and books available on this subject.
  2. Pranayama Yoga – incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and light exercise. One session brings initial stress relief, and continued practice brings greater resilience to stress.  It’s one of the more potent stress relievers.
  3. Aroma Therapy – Aroma therapy has proven benefits for stress relief–it can help you to become energized, more relaxed, or more present. I have found that using scents that bring happy childhood memories helps me relax faster and brings a smile to my face.
  4. Eating Properly  – A poor diet can bring greater reactivity toward stress.  A healthy diet can bring greater physical and emotional wellness.  Find some simple go-to meals and snacks, and feel less stressed in your daily life. You will also learn that heavy caffeine and alcohol intake enables the stress in your life.
  5. Don’t Procrastinate – Putting off a stressful or labor-intensive project can only increase the stress you experience. Making a schedule will help you stay organized and get things done in a timely basis just as I outlined in “Organizing, Scheduling and Menu Planning…No one ever said it was easy.”

As a work from home Mom I have found that yes life is not as stressful when I was working away from home, but there are still a lot of stresses involved in working from home. People who go to an office think that working from home is a piece of cake and that stay at home Moms shouldn’t complain because they don’t really work. I use to be envious of the stay at home Mom because they got to do everything in their pajamas and at the leisure of their own time. This is a HUGE oversight, scheduling is an important factor when working from home. I have to schedule time to clean, work, cook, take care of the kids, etc.  Because I don’t use a daycare a lot of my work is around the baby’s schedule, so really my “work” time is when she is napping, and bedtime. I do get things done when she is awake and playing independently but I have to factor in time when she is in need of Mommy.

That is one thing office Moms don’t understand. When office Moms are working the kids are at school or in daycare and stay at home Moms don’t use daycare. Actually as I am learning from a lot of my blogging friends that there are a lot of stay at home Moms who take their dedication a step higher, and they home school their kids. I really admire those Moms because when my kids are at school it is easier to clean, work, and take care of the baby. I would love to see how a home school Mom schedules out their day and gets cleaning the house done when all the kids are at home.

I guess the theme to this post is “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Don’t  get me wrong I love the work from home thing, it has made my life richer and I am the happiest I have ever been.

I just think people really need to be informed before they make judgments on what someone else’s workload and stress factors are.

I did want to leave my reader on a good note a little bit of laughter so here it is:

I love that parody, it’s first of all one of my favorite songs and secondly that is how Moms really feel.

I hope you enjoyed my post, and got some good information. The stress relievers are good for anyone not just stay at home Moms.

Stress is not a funny subject by any means, it is scary and dangerous. People do really horrible things when they are stressed and don’t know how to control their actions. So if you are stressed and can’t let go I urge you to get proper help before the balloon pops.

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